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Professional CSS override for your control panel.

The default design of the default CP isn't to everyones tastes. Override.css is a stylesheet that takes the default CP theme and adds consistency, improved contrast and greater user experience for content managers and ExpressionEngine implementors.

Choose one of 10 different colourways or easily generate your own.

Why override.css

Every page in the CP, the built in addons and even some third_party addons have been touched by override.css to ensure a the best visual experience.

Highlights include:

  • Streamlined toolbars
  • Drop down navigation indicatiors
  • Defined breadcrumb dividers
  • Beautiful publish tabs w/ depressed selected state
  • Intutive publish customisations including large drag handles, defined drop zones, smoother resizing of custom fields
  • Improved accordion styles
  • Improved template manager
  • Consistent table and setting styles
  • Customisable colours
  • and any more


With over 1000+ lines of CSS there's just way too many updates to list here. Instead enjoy the highlights!


  • 10 bundled colourways
  • Generate your own using Compass

Toolbars & navigation

  • Streamlined toolbars
  • Drop down navigation indicatiors
  • Defined breadcrumb dividers
Toolbars & navigation

Publish layout customisations

  • Beautiful tabs w/ depressed selected state
  • Large drag handles when customising layouts
Publish Layout Customisation

Template manager

  • Cleaner UI
  • Consistent button sizes and styles (toolbars & module navigation)
  • Improved template preferences accordion

Group management

Template Manager

Template manager navigation

Template Manager 2

Template preferences management

Template Manager 3

Table styles

  • Subtle table sorting
  • No rounded corners
  • Supports proper table markup and EE core classes
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