TinyMCE support

Pop-up Windows Not Working

A common cause for TinyMCE popup windows not working is a Javascript Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) exception. This is often seen if the subdomain used to access the control panel is different to the site's theme_folder_url configuration value. If your site is configured to use "" and you are accessing the control panel via "" Javascript will detect that a resource from another domain is being accessed and will be blocked.

If the "www." subdomain is being added or removed automatically and you experiencing this issue you will want to look at your .htaccess file to see if a redirect is taking place.

TinyMCE Configuration

While we're happy to provide addon support for installation, updating etc we unfortunately cannot provide TinyMCE configuration support. If you're having a TinyMCE related issue try the official wiki or forum for a prompt response from their development team.

However if the addon is affecting your EE install continue below.

NSM TinyMCE addon support

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