Create custom configuration files

Each custom field can have it's own TinyMCE configuration settings allowing unlimited combinations of buttons, plugins and other configuration options.

Toolbar configuration files are located in: themes/third_party/nsm_tiny_mce/scripts/tiny_mce_config/.

Configuration files are just a json object of TinyMCE configuration options that extends the NsmTinyMCEConfigs global json object.

Naming conventions

The key must be named the same as the file name without the file extension (.js). ie. If the configuration file is simple.js the NsmTinyMCEConfigs key will be simple.

NsmTinyMCEConfigs.simple = {}

Simple example

NsmTinyMCEConfigs.simple = {
    button_tile_map : true,
    mode: 'none',
    theme : 'advanced',
    width : "99%"

Important: The mode key must be set to none, not 'textareas' or 'exact'.

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