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Any data. Any format.
Powerful reports made simple!

Ever had a client ask you for ExpressionEngine data that isn't available directly from the CP? Did you run the SQL yourself & send it to them directly? Never again!

NSM Reports is an extensible reporting module for ExpressionEngine 2 that allows you, the developer, to create your own reports that can be run directly from the CP. If that's still too hard for your client, save a report configuration and deliver the output directly via email. Reports even have a secure external URL for CRON jobs.


  • Automatic report delivery: Save report configurations and deliver them automatically to your clients using CURL.
  • Customisable output: Complex reports become simple with output configuration.
  • Easily create your own reports: with our developer walkthrough and comprehensive code commenting.
  • Multi-Site Manager compatible: Independent extension settings for each site
  • NSM Addon Updater compatible Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of NSM Reports

Take a peek.

NSM Reports has a simple yet powerful CP backend.

Multiple reports

Create new reports using our easy to follow developer documentation.

NSM Reports Dashboard

Report configuration

Each report can include custom output configuration giving you even more control of report output.

NSM Reports - Configuration
  • Custom report configuration

  • Send reports to email

  • Save reports for multiple use or CRON jobs

  • Preview report output


Saved Reports

Save report configurations for future use or automatic delivery via CRON jobs

NSM Reports - Saved reports
  • External URL for CRON Jobs


Download and install

Ready to get cracking? Checkout the user guide for install instructions.

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