Common issues

Javascript error in console

In ExpressionEngine 2.2 the iframe that handles file uploads loads all accessories and the case of NSM Morphine the related javascript assets. This may result in an error appearing in your browser's Javascript console log that may look like this:

NSM Morphine is throwing a javascript error.
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'tablesorter'
compressed.js line 39

Please follow these steps to prevent the NSM Morphine accessory from loading into the Files Modal window:

  1. Log in to your ExpressionEngine control panel
  2. Browse to the Accessories Manager (Add-Ons → Accessories)
  3. Go to the NSM Morphine Accessory Preferences form
  4. Under the Assigned Pages list expand the Content tree and un-tick the Content - Files - Modal option.

Fieldtype error

Looks like you installed the fieldtype for the previous version which was meant as a developer tool. Manually delete it from the exp_fieldtypes table and you should be all good.

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