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HTML, CSS & JS theme for NSM addons.

Morphine is an ExpressionEngine 2 accessory that provides global styles and js behaviours for all NSM Addons. If you've installed any of our addons that have any control panel interaction chances are you'll need a hit of Morphine.

Morphine is intended to be used with the default CP theme although it will work with other themes.

Download & install Morphine

CP tweaks

V2 has a consolidated scope focussing on providing support for NSM addons only. To achive this previous CP global theme override styles have been moved into our new & improved override.css. Override.css is licensed with a small fee which will be put to providing updates and support.

Checkout override.css

Tools for developers

Morphine was written to consolidate styles and javascript functionality into a single addon. As a result it offers styles and javascripts for many UI patterns.

Javascript behaviours included:

  1. Sortable table cols (with nice styles)
  2. Draggable table rows
  3. Strippable tables
  4. Cloneable table rows
  5. Filter / Tab menus
  6. and most importantly… clean markup!

Most of the javascript behaviours can be added with a single class names on the element. Eg: <table class="col-sortable">

NSM Morphine is still under heavy development so if you're interested in using Morphine in your addon please contact us for more information.

Table styles and functionality

NSM Morphine styled Publish Screen
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