Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements:


  1. Download the latest version of NSM Live Look and extract the .zip to your desktop.
  2. Copy system/expressionengine/third_party/nsm_live_look to system/expressionengine/third_party
  3. Copy themes/third_party/nsm_live_look to themes/third_party (you may need to create the third_party folder)
  4. Install Morphine CP theme addon


  1. Log into your control panel
  2. Browse to Addons → Extensions
  3. Enable all the NSM Live Look components
  4. Configure the extension settings


Extension settings

Channel preferences

Each channel can have one or more entry preview URLs. This URL is used to display the live page preview inside the publish tab <iframe>. Each preview URL row is made up of the following attributes:


Display the preview for entries in this channel.


The title should refer to the type of template you are previewing. It helps distinguish multiple preview templates ie: Entry Page, Category Index, Layout 1 etc

Preview URL

The preview url setting will have the following variables replaced with entry specific attributes allowing you to create highly customisable urls:

  • {url_title}
  • {entry_id}
  • {channel_id}
  • {title}
  • {author_id}
  • {status}
  • {entry_date_day}
  • {entry_date_month}
  • {entry_date_year}
  • {dst_enabled}
  • {comment_total}
  • {username}
  • {email}
  • {screen_name}
  • {entry_date_day}
  • {entry_date_month}
  • {entry_date_year}

NSM Live Look will also replace the entries custom fields with their values. Eg: {field_id_2} will use the data stored in the custom field and insert it into the url.

Example preview url:

Use page URL?

If the entry has is assigned a URL through the Pages Module the preview URL will be overwritten. Check this option for individual entry pages.

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