Setup statuses and templates

Previewing entries requires a custom status and some minor modifications to your templates & {exp:channel:entries} tags.

  1. Create a new status in your channels stats group called 'Preview'.
  2. Open an existing single entry template an modify the status='' parameter in the {exp:channel:entries} tag adding the 'Preview' status like so:
    {exp:channel:entries status='open|Preview'}
  3. Choose the entry you want to preview and set it's status to 'Preview'
  4. Test that you can see the preview the entry by browsing the URL directly

If the page renders as expected then your modifications are correct. If the page does not render correctly check the entry status, channel tag and url.

The template should now contain something like:

{exp:channel:entries status='open|Preview' channel='news' limit='1'}
    Previewing: {title} - Entry ID: {entry_id}

It’s worth mentioning that there is no security here, so someone could theoretically guess the URL and see the preview content. If this is an issue for you, consider creating a copy of the template and securing it with Template Access Restriction.

Add a preview tab to the publish form

NSM Live Look is actually a custom field type and therefore can be added to any channel and restricted to any member type. This is slightly different to the way LG Live Look worked in EE 1.6.

NSM Live Look is added automatically to publish forms that do not have a custom layout.

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