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Dynamically regenerates your .htaccess file to remove index.php from your URLs.

NSM .htaccess Generator is an ExpressionEngine 2.0 extension that generates a .htaccess file on the fly when an entry or file is created or updated. It was developed to easily remove index.php from URLs using the "include list method".


  • Remove index.php: Easily remove index.php without any Apache server knowledge
  • Dynamic: Update your .htaccess when entries and templates are either saved or updated.
  • Multiple files Update multiple .htaccess files in one go. Perfect for multi-lingual sites
  • Multi-Site Manager compatible: Independent extension settings and .htaccess template for each site
  • NSM Addon Updater compatible: Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of NSM Better Meta
  • Structure compatible: Structure URLs are generated in the .htaccess


Example .htaccess before and after

.htaccess in the extension settings is turned into a functional .htaccess file; Just like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Before And After
  • Before: The .htaccess template in the extension settings

  • After: The .htaccess file with {ee} tags replaced

  • Replace {ee:404} with the sites 404 template

  • Replace {ee:templates} with a list of pipe delimited template groups

  • Replace {ee:pages} with a list of pipe delimited page roots


Extension settings

NSM .htaccess generator come with sensible defaults that work on most Apache installations.

Extension settings
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