Common issues

  1. Config bootstrap settings aren't recognised?
    • Have you added the require() code to the config.php and database.php files? See: Installation for more information.
    • Double check the require() path by adding the following to your template above the require() code. It will print the path to your screen.
      print_r(realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../config.php'));
  2. Asset paths such as member profile images are wrong: Newism's EE folder structure is probably a little different to yours. You'll need to update the bootstrap file to reflect your own environment.
  3. Check the environment: Not sure which environment is being loaded. NSM Config Bootstrap 1.8 added the ?debug flag. Give it a crack.
  4. Extra Support

    This is a powertool for developers and those with a good knowledge of PHP. Support is not provided other than the common issues above.

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