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Output entries grouped by category. Supports nested categories!

How it works

NSM Categories is an alternative to using the built-in {exp:channel:category_archive}. The NSM Categories module prepares all the channel entries data you require based on the parameters you use and allows you to nest the channel entries inside of each category. This empowers you use the same tag-data that you would normally be using in a {exp:channel:entries} tag-pair but grouped by category like the {exp:channel:category_archive} tag-pair.

Category nesting is supported and gives the developer more control over the nesting. Wrap the category tag-data in the {exp:nsm_categories:archive} tag-pair and then choose where the child-categories should appear using the {category_children_tagdata} tag. No module assistance to limit your possibilities, it is up to you to define how your category tree should look.

While this can be achieved by using PHP code inside of your template, your template's tag-data can quickly become unreadable and very difficult to debug when PHP errors start to occur.


  • Group channel entries by category and use all custom fields
  • Use the same parameters that you are familiar with for {exp:channel:entries} and more
  • Nest categories the way you want them nested - no module-added opening or closing tags to confuse you
  • Cleaner template tag-data without the need to enable PHP rendering
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