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Better Meta Demo Video Preview

Quick and easy Search Engine Optimisation for your ExpressionEngine site

Nsm Better Meta Setup

Faster to set up, Easier to maintain

Traditionally, configuring entry specific meta in EE requires making multiple custom fields for each of your channels. This isn't too bad for simple sites, but what if you're working on a site with 10 channels and 10 meta fields? That's 100 custom fields you'd need to configure, and hook up to your meta template.

NSM Better Meta keeps all of your custom meta in a separate publish tab. So you can say goodbye to tedious hours of setting up custom fields - simply enable Better Meta for a channel, and you're done.

Better Meta Code Comparison

Simpler Template Code

Outputting your meta data usually means writing multiple sets of advanced conditionals to retrieve the appropriate custom fields for each channel. NSM Better Meta simplifies this process - just pass your entry Id to the Better tag and it will do the rest. View the Example Code.


Just purchased NSM better meta #eecms - a big time saver and fantastic addon

Sean Smith Web Developer , Caffeine Creations

"Your Better Meta and Live Look modules are must-have core functionality in our system. We've got 20 sites (and counting) running MSM on 2 EE installs for my company. Wouldn't want to do it without you!"

John Eklund Director, Marketing , Pro Mach

    Feature Publish Tab

    Customisable Publish Interface

    All of your entry meta is contained in its own publish tab, which can be customised to show the meta fields your publishers need.

    Featuer Sitemap Xml

    Automagically Generate XML sitemaps

    NSM Better Meta automatically generates XML sitemaps based on your entries change frequency and priority.

    Feature Mutlisite Manager

    Multiple Site Manager Compatible

    Easily configure Independent extension settings for each of your sites.

    Feature Addon Updater

    Keep up to date with the latest version

    NSM Better Meta works with NSM Addon Updater. So you'll be notified when we release a new version of your installed addons.

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