Who’s behind the site?

This site was designed and developed by Leevi Graham with support and contributions from the rest of the Newism team. The addons listed on the site have been developed by Leevi and other Newism team members.

Leevi Graham

Leevi Graham

Leevi Graham @leevigraham

Technical director and founder of Newism an EE web development company, Leevi has over 4 years of ExpressionEngine development. Considered a leading ExpressionEngine developer by his peers he has spoken at both the EECI conferences on addon development and site planning.

He currently sell EE1 addons on his personal site although those will be migrated over to our new site soon.

Wayde Christie

Wayde Christie

Wayde Chrisitie @waydomatic

Creative Director and founder of Newism, Wayde is responsible for the marketing of the site. As the site evolves Waydes experience will be invaluable to keeping a clean UI and excellent user experience.

Our aims

We want to provide you and your clients the highest quality ExpressionEngine 2 addons backed up by great support.


Our addon documentation is second to none which allows even the newest EE users to get upto speed quickly. If you're still having issues we've implemented a custom ticket system (powered by EE of course) to handle all your support requests in a timely manner, usually within 48hrs. We always provide prioritised support for our commercial addon customers.

Free addons

We've developed many free addons over the years and that tradition will continue with EE2. Free addons are a great way for new developers to learn how to develop their addons and we believe in giving back to the community. We currently offer just under 10 free addons.

More commercial addons

As sales increase we'll be developing more and more powerful commercial EE2 addons and releasing them to you the public. We want to help make ExpressionEngine the best CMS powering the interwebs. Expect big things from our team in the near future.

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