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Fuzzy Dice
Promo Ovreride


Professional CSS override for your control panel.

WAS AUD $19.95 NOW AUD $9.95

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Promo Categories


Output entries grouped by category. Supports nested categories!

Only AUD $39.95

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Promo Ovreride

Better Meta

Custom entry meta, XML sitemaps and improved SEO / SERPS in minutes.

Only AUD $49.95

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Promo Live Look

Live Look

Preview channel entries and pages in context before publishing.

Only AUD $34.95

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Promo Twitter


Post to Twitter directly from the Control Panel when you add or edit content.

Only AUD $24.95

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    Premium ExpressionEngine Addons

    NSM Twitter

    NSM Twitter 1.0.5

    Post directly to Twitter from the control panel when you add or edit content.

    Features Docs

    NSM Categories

    NEWNSM Categories 1.0.2

    Output entries grouped by category. Supports nested categories!

    Features Docs

    NSM Transplant

    NSM Transplant 1.0.0

    Cache and transplant tag output for multiple use elsewhere in your templates.

    Features Docs

    Free ExpressionEngine Addons


    EE1 Addons

    All of our EE1 Addons are still available for free. However, they are no longer being actively developed or supported.

    What our customers say

    I ran my first Membership Report today with total ease. So much better than our old system! I cannot thank you enough!

    FocusLab Client
    talking about NSM Reports

    Who uses EE-Garage Addons?

    Erskine Masuga Solspace Shotwell Brilliant2 BoyInk

    Boyz Under the Hood

    • Leevi Graham Leevi Graham
      Lead Developer
    • Anthony Short Anthony Short
    • Iain Saxon Iain Saxon
    • Wayde Christie Wayde Christie

    Custom Addon Development

    Over the years, we've built dozens of highly customised addons for both public release and private client projects.

    If you can’t find an ExpressionEngine addon that suits your needs, contact us for a quote about your project.

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